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Oak Seed Ventures – Our background and experiences

AI, Cybersecurity and Next-Generation Computing Innovators with Industry Networks

We are geeks who have done cutting edge research and development across Artificial Intelligence,  Cybersecurity, Enterprise Software and Integrated Circuit Design. But we also have deep relationships in the IT industry which gives us a strategic view of the industry and helps us introduce startups to lighthouse customers early on.

Oak trees are long-lasting trees that support more life forms than any other tree.  Oak Seed Ventures makes seed investments in AI, Cybersecurity and Next-Generation Computing startups.  These startups will be the future oak trees of the Information Technology world, driving next generation consumer experiences and enable enterprises to serve customers better.

At Oak Seed Ventures, we are committed to being partners of our founders as they start out, being their trusted advisor and friend, and helping them shorten the time it takes to be successful.