Past Investments

The Oak Seed Ventures team has invested in startups that are #1 across the frontier and core tech fields of AI, Big Data, Enterprise Infrastructure, IoT and Fintech like Kyligence, Zilliz and Oushu:

Best Data Processing Unit

Enables Composable Disaggregated data center, reduces networking, security overhead on CPU while improving utilization of storage, GPU, FPGA and TPUs

Best Big Data Management Platform

Accelerates critical business decisions by leveraging AI-augmented data management and analytics

Fastest Data Warehouse

Innovative MPP++ architecture that combines the high performance of MPP and the scalability of Hadoop

Best Insurance Data Service Provider

Provides insurance companies with customer profiling, risk control, customer grading and pricing modeling services

Most powerful vector engine

Billion scale search in sub-second speeds with applications spanning computer vision, natural language processing, new drug discovery, and much more

Best HPC hybrid cloud solution

Seamless serverless HPC hybrid cloud solution for drug discovery, genomics, CAD, EDA and AI

Best IoT Platform

Provider of configurable, agile, end-to-end, managed device management & application enablement platform for IoT

Best IoT Logistics Tracking Solution

Global end-to-end asset tracking and monitoring with flexible rule engine and event-driven technology over the cloud

Being best in their fields

By being #1 in their respective fields:

  • 40% of our investments have achieved an IRR exceeding 72-118% and 7 to 42x in less than 5 years, the top quartile exceeding 94% and the median 56%.
  • Over 75% of our investments have had one or more up-rounds or exited, and less than 10% have been written off.

How has Oak Seed Ventures helped startups like Kyligence and Oushu?

We are fully committed to helping our startups. Hear what founders of Kyligence and Oushu have to say about Oak Seed Ventures.