We advise frontier tech startups on customer selection and developing compelling marketing pitches, and facilitate meetings with lighthouse customers and key partners.

Frontier tech startups need to define the right Minimum Viable Product, select the right customers and develop highly compelling marketing pitches in order to shorten the time to market and create barriers to entry before competition come in.

We also help startups create powerful business plans that investors get right away. See our perspectives on business plans.

Some of these companies that we work with include:

Emerging No-code Development Platform

Enable businesses to rapidly develop custom interactive workflow applications without coding

Design Automation for Internet of Things

Only platform to design and manage a distributed and fragmented IoT system. Prescient platform allows enterprises to build and integrate IoT systems that can effectively and securely scale to their needs.

Frontier Tech Customer Selection

Ideal characteristics of initial customers:

  • Facing a pain point or wishes to do something and can’t
  • Willing to try new technology
  • Have budget driven by a market or technology disruption (e.g. carbon neutrality, mobile experience, etc.)
  • Short buying cycle
  • Allow you to use as reference for others
  • Opportunity to grow within the customer

Frontier tech startups that identify the right initial customers are able to develop the right product and gain initial market share. On the contrary, frontier tech startups that start with the wrong initial set of customers waste a lot of time with them without getting any market traction.

Compelling Frontier Tech Marketing Pitches

Once a startup has identified the right customer segment, it must develop a compelling marketing pitch. The keys to a compelling marketing pitch are:

  • translating technical features and performance to commercial benefit
  • delivering a clear comparison between having this frontier technology and without

Often frontier tech startups pitch technology and functionality, and fail to realize that customer only consumes commercial benefit at the end of the day.

Lighthouse Customers

Lighthouse customers lets you develop the product as they adopt it, and lets you reference them for future customers. They are technology enthusiasts that are patient with technology that is imperfect and see their future potential.

Oakseed Ventures helps facilitate meetings with lighthouse customers and key partners to shorten the time to market for startups.