What We Do

Seed Funding for Frontier Tech Entrepreneurs

We provide seed funding to exceptionally motivated and self-driven frontier and core tech entrepreneurs.

You have found a major pain point in an industry that your startup will fix. What you want to create is nothing less than world class.

Our job is:

  • Help sharpen your company’s value proposition
  • Make introductions to help you be successful
  • Provide seed funding

Dare to be different

It takes courage to be different.

Bold and distinctive market positioning is the first step to enduring success. Copying others is a recipe for long sales cycles and price competition.

Our partners have over 10-20 years of experience in McKinsey, Cisco, Xerox PARC and elsewhere, and have been provided counsel and resources to core technology startups in their early stages for 8-10 years. Our expertise is taking you through a strategy process to build the strongest company and minimize chance of failure, and helping you reach out and pitch key customers and partners.

The questions we will consider together are:

  • Which customer segment(s) and what minimum viable product (MVP) will enable us to stand head-and-shoulders to competition
  • What is the customer pain point and how best can we resonate with our customers
  • What are the key steps that will enable us to grow fast and maintain our competitive advantage over competition

Read about our perspectives about business plan and frontier tech industry

Seed Funding for Your Frontier Tech Startup

We make it simple. Our typical investment:

  • $500,000 to $3 million
  • Like being the first institutional investor
  • Write the whole check
  • 15-20% ownership
  • Sit on boards to help you

We are more than delighted to start being helpful to your startup, like providing advise and making introductions, before or even if we do not invest.