CHOIR secures $2.0M in seed round funding to super-charge business analytics and scale out data driven operations for enterprises

CHOIR is a Generative AI enterprise insight generation startup developing a revolutionary AI platform that speeds up advanced analytics by a factor of 10, helping businesses unleash their true potential in everyday business.

Enterprises today rely on advanced analytics as a salvation from inefficiency and low productivity.  However, even the most innovative global companies do not have enough skilled manpower to support a well-rounded analytics program, despite spending tens of millions each year on salaries and software.

CHOIR aims to solve this bottleneck with a new AI platform that delivers enterprise insight generation at scale. CHOIR’s Insight Generation Platform allows non-technical business users to retrieve data, analyze different paradigms, and generate visuals based on a modern natural language interface enabled by generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs).  It provides enterprises with the ability to perform analytics and solve problems in real time, live in a senior executive meeting.  Companies can have this scalable insight generation solution for a fraction of the cost of the ones currently in place.   Not only is this new type of solution more cost effective, it is designed for non-technical business executives, unlike current business intelligence systems.

“Our mission is to democratize advanced analytics” said Henry Sun, Group President, and Founder of CHOIR. “Excel and the current BI are expert tools that help us organize, manipulate and visualize data, but however they are slow and complex to use.  These products require training and experience to use, while still requiring a lot of manual labor to generate useful insights.  However, with CHOIR things will be different.  The interface is self-explanatory and natural to use, providing users with advanced analysis capabilities at their fingertips.  This also gives the whole organization a faster means to communicate with data in order to work more efficiently and transparently towards satisfying the customer.

The product addresses critical issues like enterprise data security and AI accuracy.  It provides an industry specific data ontology which is a robust data model with industry specific analytical frameworks. It comes with methodologies to help with problem diagnosis and identification of potential solutions.  In addition, the product includes language user interface plug-ins for industry specific systems to make adoption easier.

Choir’s platform bridges a crucial gap in the market, providing a solution to help companies communicate with data and problem solve with insights very efficiently.

The founding team at CHOIR boasts a wealth of experience in enterprise vertical software, enterprise AI, consulting services, and machine learning research. The team consists of various experts from global renowned institutions such as Cal-Tech and Tsinghua, and boasts experience from Microsoft, Veeva, and McKinsey.

The seed round investment is led by Oakseed Ventures and will fuel CHOIR’s growth and allow the company to further enhance its platform and while expanding its enterprise customer base.

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